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    CNC Turning HOMMA TAC-16F 1988

    FANUC-18iTB (Retrofitted in 2013)
    Table dia.:φ1600mm
    Max. turning dia.:φ1800mm
    Max. swing:φ1800mm
    Max. loading capacity on table:10ton
    Table speed:256rpm
    Travel X:-150~1550 Z:750mm
    ATC 24pcs. CAPTO C8
    Chip conveyor (Left-unloading)
    Mist collector 3units
    a double column VTL overhauled in 2013!! The condition is almost
    new. ask us the price, and we may give you bid surprise$$$

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  • CNC Turning Center OKUMA HOWA VTM-100 2001

    CNC controller: OH-OSP-LGU
    Chuck:φ800 (Manufacturer: SMW)
    3-jaw hydraulic scroll chuck (1250rpm, C-axis: 0.001°)
    Milling spindle:4500rpm
    Travel X:650 Z:840mm
    BT50 ATC 60pcs.
    Through spindle coolant
    Cutting tank
    Chip conveyor
    Magnet separator
    Tool holder for turning
    Touch sensor

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  • CNC Lathe MORI SEIKI SL-153SY 2002

    Swing over bed:680mm
    Max. work diameter:300mm
    Bar working capacity:45mm
    X-axis travel:215mm
    Z-axis travel:490mm
    Spindle rotation speed:50~5,000rpm
    Borre diameter;Φ56
    Tool rest turret:1 set
    Floor space:2,375 x 1,750mm
    Machine weight:4400kg

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  • CNC Lathe MORI SEIKI SL-250BMC 1998

    Swing over bed : 680mm
    Swing cross slide : 510mm
    Max.distance between centers : 575mm
    Max.turning diameter : 390mm
    Max turning length : 485mm
    Travel size X : 235 Z : 495 mm
    Chuck index : Caxis 0.001°
    Spindle speed : 35~3,500 rpm
    Spindle speed of rotary tool : 3,000 rpm
    Type of tool rest turret : 12
    ATC : milling 12 stations
    Tail stock : 490mm
    Required floor space : 3,500 × 1,700mm
    Machine height : 3,250mm
    Machine weight : 5,000kg

    Chuck : 10inch 3jaws scroll (Kitagawa N-10)
    Tail stock
    Chip conveyor (right side disposal)
    Gantry loader
    Stocker 10 stations

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