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  • FA20S-Advance

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  • CNC Wire Cut EDM MITSUBISHI FA30M 2004

    Power supply:W21FA-2
    Table size:1100x875mm
    Max. workpiece size:1300x1000x345mm
    Max. workpiece weight:3000kg
    Travel:X750 Y500 Z350mm
    U±75 V±75mm
    Max. taper angle:±15°/260mm plate thickness
    Scale feedback
    Straightness measure
    20kg wire equipment
    This machine equipped scale feed back, and it's rare to see this model in the early 2000'

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    CNC Precision Wire Cut EDM SODICK AP200L 2008

    Power supply:LQ1W
    Max. workpiece size:300x270x100mm
    Max. workpiece weight:50kg
    Travel X:225 Y:150 Z:120 U:35 V:35mm
    Quill travel:120mm (manual)
    Quill dia.:190mm
    Max. taper angle:7°(with 100mm workpiece thickness)
    Wire dia.:0.05~0.2mm
    Oil type
    Straightness block

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    Tank size:950×700×450mm
    Table size:700×500mm size:900×650×350mm、1000kg
    Max. electrode weight:80kg
    Machine size(WDH):1725×2130×2420mm

    High precision C axis Macro
    ATC MVH-20T(3R)
    High level remote controller
    LED light 
    SP power
    extra coolant nozzle 8
    coolant separate unit 
    This is an exhibition machine. It's never been used!!.

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  • Electric Discharge Machine MAKINO EDGE3 2006

    Travel XYZ : 450 × 300 × 320 mm
    Work tank inner size : 800 × 550 × 350 mm
    Table size : 600 × 450 mm
    Max. Work piece weight : 800 kg
    Max. average pulse current : 30A
    Max. electrode weight : 50kg
    Fluid tank : Attached to the main body
    Capacity of working fluid : 380ℓ
    Head : MR, C axis 1~10min-1
    Chuck : EROWA ITS
    ATC 8 stations(built in)
    Super sparkⅢ(High speed cutting)
    Super surface & Super edge

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