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  • CNC Wire Cut EDM MITSUBISHI FA30M 2004

    Power supply:W21FA-2
    Table size:1100x875mm
    Max. workpiece size:1300x1000x345mm
    Max. workpiece weight:3000kg
    Travel:X750 Y500 Z350mm
    U±75 V±75mm
    Max. taper angle:±15°/260mm plate thickness
    Scale feedback
    Straightness measure
    20kg wire equipment
    This machine equipped scale feed back, and it's rare to see this model in the early 2000'

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  • CNC Wire Cut EDM MITUBISHI NA2400P 2009

    Power supply:W31NAP-2
    Table size:880x670mm
    Max. workpiece size:1050x820x305mm
    Max. workpiece weight:1500kg
    Travel:X600 Y400 Z310 U±75 Z±75mm
    Max. taper angle:15°/260mm plate thickness
    High-functional remote-controller
    Straightness measure
    20kg wire equipment
    Mitsubishi MV series are now popular in Wire Cut machines, but
    professionals tend to choose NA series. Please find out why

    Click on the picture for larger view.

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